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Online Banking

Online Banking allows you to access your accounts from any Internet connection, including your computer, tablet and smartphone. Just login with the menu at the top of any page on this website.

Picture of a SmartphoneMobile Banking

We offer a free app for Mobile Banking and Remote Deposit Capture. Look for the SHPFCU To Go! mobile app and download it for your Android or iOS devices.

With mobile banking you can:

  • Check balances for shares, share drafts, certificates, and loans
  • Check transaction history for shares, share drafts, certificates, and loans
  • Make a transfer from shares to share drafts or loans
  • Make a transfer from share drafts to shares or loans
  • Find a Shared Branch or an ATM location
  • Use Remote Deposit Capture to send a check deposit to your share or share draft account and lots more!

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ACCESS 24 Telephone Banking

You can access your accounts using ACCESS 24, our Touch Tone Telephone System. ACCESS 24 allows you to get share/saving and share draft/checking balance inquiries, transfer funds between share/savings and share draft/checking, get a history of your share draft activities, and request a check (mailed to address on accounts). If you need help using this service, please call us at (614) 431-0784 or toll free (800) 282-3006.

ACCESS 24 Phone Number: (614) 431-0784 or (800) 282-3006 Option 4


Once you are enrolled in SHPFCU Online Banking, you can sign up for electronic statements. Just log into your account, click on Services, select View Statements, and follow the prompts. It’s easy, secure, and free.

Why use e-Statements?

  • Immediately accessible from anywhere
  • No paper copy to get lost or misrouted in the mail, keeping your sensitive information more secure
  • Less paper means less clutter, waste, and damage to the environment
  • Historical statements available for download

Payroll Deduction & Direct Deposit

Save yourself trips to our office to deposit your reoccurring checks. Sign up for Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit to go directly into your account at the credit union. With Payroll Deduction, you may have a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited to your share, share draft and loan accounts.

Direct Deposit allows you to have either the entire amount, or a portion of your payroll, pension, Social Security or other regular checks electronically deposited to your accounts. This service is fast, convenient, and secure.

Call the credit union for more information and/or how to sign up at (614) 431-0784 or toll free (800) 282-3006.

Click here for a State Highway Patrol FCU Allocation form to tell us how to distribute your direct deposits or payroll deductions made your accounts.

Click here for an HPRS Direct Deposit form.


Online Banking FAQs

Is Online Banking Safe?
Yes, Online Banking utilizes SSL 128-bit encryption for your protection.

What is SSL?
The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol used by Web browsers and Web servers to help users protect their data during transfer. An SSL Certificate contains a public and private key pair as well as verified identification information. When a browser (or client) points to a secured domain, the server shares the public key with the client to establish an encryption method and a unique session key. The client confirms that it recognizes and trusts the issuer of the SSL Certificate. This process is known as the "SSL handshake" and it can begin a secure session that protects message privacy and message integrity.

What is 128-bit encryption and how does it protect my account?
Encryption is a mathematical process of coding and decoding information. Encryption ensures that information is scrambled in transit so that only the intended recipient can decode it. The number of bits (40-bit, 56-bit, 128-bit, 256-bit) tells you the size of the key. Like a longer password, a larger key has more possible combinations. In fact, 128-bit encryption is one trillion times stronger than 40-bit encryption. At current computing speeds, a hacker with the time, tools, and motivation to attack would require a trillion years to break into a session with 128-bit encryption.


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Your immediate family is eligible to join State Highway Patrol Federal Credit Union and get the benefits of membership. Some restrictions may apply. Contact us for details.


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